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Sharon Francis

I am a qualified hypnotherapist working in Bideford, North Devon. I work from my office in Soloman Drive, as well as from Glow Baby, Barnstaple.
Sharon Francis - Clinical Hypnotherapist, HPD, DHP, MNCH


How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy uses deep relaxation techniques to access your subconscious. This assists you to focus on what you want to achieve and make positive steps toward that goal. You are in control at all times and fully aware of everything that is happening. You make all the decisions as to how you want your therapy to proceed. At no point will you behave in an inappropriate manner - this is hypnotherapy, not stage hypnosis.

About Sharon Francis

My interest in hypnotherapy began after I caught the bug for learning in 2008. I started to study nutrition, after years of unsuccessfully trying to lose weight and keep it off, and decided it was time to forget the hype and learn the facts. Since then I have completed a Nutrition Specialist Diploma, and embarked on a Health Science Degree. The Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma, which I completed in June 2012, forms part of that degree but is also a prestigious qualification in its own right. The Clifton Practice in Bristol, where I carried out my study, is recognised as one of the country's leading Solution-Focused Therapy training centres. Since completing the diploma, I undertook additional specialist training to assist with hypnosis-assisted childbirth.

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For more information about hypnotherapy you can visit the Clifton Practice website,, the National Council for Hypnotherapy site,, and the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy site, Also, make sure to check out the Facebook page, at